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ZQuest Handbook

What is PBL?

PBL is a way of teaching and learning that frames the required content in a real-world problem, or driving question, as we say in PBL lingo.

In order to solve this problem, students are guided through lessons and learning experiences that marry the content to the driving question in a way that gives students an open-ended way to make meaning. Students synthesize this learning and work with their groups to create a solution which is then presented to an authentic audience (ie. not just the teacher!)

PBL is a way of learning and teaching, open-ended and student-driven, uniquely built by the teachers, a way to interact with the real world, collaborative. PBL is not a project at the end of a unit, designed to have one right answer, a canned program of worksheets and lessons, something contained to the classroom, completely independent

 Want to learn more?

Visit  The Buck Institute of Education's website.

Watch this video from the Buck Institute of Education on the subject:

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What is multi-age learning?

fair and equalWhen you step into one of our classrooms, you may not even realize that there are more than one grade level represented! At Zeeland Quest, we prefer not to think of our students as being in particular grades. Rather, we look at students as whole children and teach to the individual--regardless of their grade-level. Students learn collaboration, responsibility, communication, and independence as they work with their peers. Teachers use a variety of different teaching and learning methods to reach the unique needs of each child.


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What kind of technology does my child have access to?

As a part of Zeeland Public Schools, students at ZQuest have access to a wide array of technological devices and resources!

  • At the K-2 level, classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and 1:1 district-provided iPad Minis
  • At the 2-3 level, classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and 1:1 district-provided iPads 
  • At the 4-6 level, students have 1:1 district-provided iPads
  • At the 7-8 level, students have 1:1 district-provided iPads, which can be taken home
  • Students also have access to a computer lab

Students will learn the importance of digital citizenship, responsible use of technology, and the role of technology as a learning tool.

For more info, check out the ZPS tech website.

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